Public dumps on Trump plan to reconsider automobile fuel economy standards

Nearly everyone who offered testimony at the Environmental Protection Agency hearing strongly supported the current standards, which call for a fleet average of about 40 miles per gallon in real-world driving by 2025, up from the mid-20s today.

Los Angeles Times / 09.06.2017

BlueGreen Leaders Urge EPA to Keep Strong Fuel Economy Standards

At an EPA hearing on fuel economy standards, United Steelworker members and the BlueGreen Alliance urged the agency to keep strong standards for model year 2022-2025 light-duty cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Blue Green Alliance / 09.06.2017

Environmental and health groups gear up to defend Obama EPA’s gas-mileage standards

In another sign that the Trump administration intends to chart a starkly different course on climate change, the EPA announced plans earlier this year to withdraw the Obama administration’s final decision on strict fuel-efficiency standards for future cars and light trucks.

Washington Post / 09.06.2017

Trump shouldn’t reconsider fuel economy standards. Hurricane Harvey shows why.

That’s why our nation needs strong car and truck fuel standards. They help decrease our dependence on oil, reduce the amount we have to pay at the pump, and limit our vulnerability to those who don’t like us and the economic disruption they can ensue.

USA Today / 09.04.2017

Changes to Fuel Economy Rules Could Mean More Expensive Road Trips 

Consumers Union, the policy and mobilization division of Consumer Reports, found in a recent survey that almost 90 percent of Americans want automakers to continue to improve fuel economy for all vehicle types, and over 70 percent want government to continue to increase efficiency targets. A separate Consumer Reports analysis found a strong correlation between higher fuel efficiency and higher owner satisfaction.

Morning Consult / 09.02.2017

Why the Trump Administration’s Latest Auto Industry Move Will Fail

It is time for the Trump Administration and the whole auto industry to finally exit the movie theater. They need to focus on leading the world in its new reality — the age of clean and smart cars — instead of making all of us relive the mistakes of their past.

Time Magazine / 08.21.2017

Column: Emission standards benefit Detroit

Our new analysis finds that fuel economy standards have not hurt the legacy automakers’ financial performance. And weakening fuel economy standards would only damage U.S. automakers and suppliers as they try to compete in a fast-evolving market. It’s no secret that American consumers want to go farther on every gallon of gas. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers’ own polling shows support for strong fuel economy targets, with two-thirds of respondents saying the government should set high standards. And under strong standards, economies of scale will reduce the costs of fuel savings technology.

Detroit News / 08.15.2017

Trump administration takes aim at vehicle emissions standards that save drivers money

“The EPA’s previous technical review of the current fuel economy standards shows that the standards are not only well within reach, but are already working,” Sierra Club Legislative Director for Transportation Andrew Linhardt said in a statement Thursday. “A new administration is no reason to shift progress to reverse.”

Think Progress / 08.11.2017