News Archives: April 2017

Clean Vehicle Standards Are Already Creating Jobs. Why Aren’t We Celebrating That?

In fact, the innovation to make U.S. vehicles much more efficient, and the investment in American factories to build the technology to do so, has been a key part of the automotive recovery and it remains critical if the U.S. is going to protect the jobs we have today, and keep building jobs as an automotive and technological leader into the future.

Huffington Post / 04.12.2017

LAPD to begin using the world’s first ‘pursuit-rated’ hybrid patrol car

“Cities have been asking us for solutions to reduce carbon emissions and costs, and agencies have been asking for greener police cars and greener pursuit vehicles,” said Kevin Koswick, director of Ford’s lease and remarking operations in North America. “We saw a need and we thought we could fulfill it.”

Los Angeles Times / 04.09.2017

California Fights Back

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can reduce national fuel efficiency standards, but if it seeks to revoke California’s waiver that lets the state set its own, tougher rules, state lawmakers should fight back, including taking the agency to court if necessary.

LA Times / 04.07.2017